Timeline - Life flashes before your ears - Australian Chamber Orchestra

Timeline - Life flashes before your ears

19 May - 4 June 2014


Part I: 40,000 B.C.-1900 A.D.
Neolithic – Sacred Music – Renaissance – Early - Reformation – Baroque – Enlightenment – Exoticism – End of Tonality
Part II: 1900-1945
Modernism – Neoclassicism – Decadence & the Great Depression – Art Music 
Part III: 1945-2000
American invention – Jazz – Rock and Roll –  60s psychedelia – end of the avant-garde – Disco – Electronica – Pop
Part IV: 2000-2014
Presets curated Mashup of popular music


Richard Tognetti Director & Violin
Featuring The Presets
Ignatius Jones Director
Graham Ross Vocal Director
Concept by Richard Tognetti

In a time-bending musical odyssey through 42,000 years and over 230 songs, we join forces with electro-pop explorers The Presets in an exhilarating surge through history – forging the likes of Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach to Miles Davis, Bob Dylan and Nirvana into a joyous  finale of contemporary music assembled by the ARIA Award-winning duo.
ACO Artistic Director Richard Tognetti leads this kaleidoscopic voyage featuring a vocal sextet, percussion and carefully curated recordings augmenting the strings of the ACO. This extravaganza is performed to eye-popping visual effects from the mind of Ignatius Jones. Beginning from c.40,000 BC, the program walks with you through time, through the virtuosic outpourings of the Renaissance, the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods and finally exploding into our modern age. The classically trained Presets will make their classical music debut after three critically-acclaimed albums and their tenth anniversary celebration.

The Sydney concerts of Timeline are presented in Partnership with Vivid LIVE, part of the Vivid Sydney festival of light, music and ideas. Please make allowances for extra delays when attending these Sydney performances. Plan your trip using Vivid's transport guide

*This concert uses haze smoke effects and incorporates flashing lights. Please ensure you arrive on time as late-comers will only be admitted at an appropriate interval.

Sydney Arts Guide

"A dazzling, epic performance by the ACO, – an extraordinary knockout concert that will leave you breathless and wanting more. This major landmark concert is a visual and aural feast."

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Daily Review

"The production was so theatrical and tightly-executed and the playing so inspired... I could hardly contain my enthusiasm for this, probably the most exciting ACO tour of them all. So far."

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The Music

"As the tempo of the tracks picked up, the ACO transformed from a serious classical orchestra into a smiling group moving along to the beat and showcasing an impressively wide range of playing styles."

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Sydney Morning Herald

"It made no sense on paper... and yet, in the flesh seemed to tell a story that may well have explained everything."

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Limelight Magazine

"The Presets vocalist Julian Hamilton took the musical spotlight, with his distinct pop voice proving remarkably adept at navigating the scalic Hebrew cadences. The traditional Yo Era Niña also proved a foot-stomping celebration of Jewish culture, with tricky semi-quaver passages and unison glissandi deftly manoeuvred by the orchestra."

The Guardian

"Seeing Tognetti in full flight during Bach’s Brandeburg Concerto... is awe-inspiring. A slave’s field call breaking into Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is oddly brilliant and the orchestra going hell-for-leather on Iggy and the Stooges’ I Wanna Be Your Dog is a sight to behold."

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