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Apart from the Inaugural Concert on 21 November 1975, the ACO’s early concert-giving largely consisted of performances for Musica Viva and the Sydney Philharmonia, in both cases appearing in concerts presented as part of on-going series. In the case of Musica Viva many of the performances took place in provincial centres. The orchestra did however undertake its first international tour in 1976 for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Also in 1976 it appeared in the Adelaide Festival with conductor Neville Marriner.

From these early years until 1984 the number of concerts varied between 19 and 70 per year, with an additional 27 concerts in 1982 on a European tour.

1985 was the first year during which the orchestra promoted its own season, with concerts initially in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane, a total of 12 performances. Subscription concerts in Sydney and Canberra were promoted the following year and by 1991 both Melbourne and Brisbane were included in the subscription schedule. Trial concerts were given in Perth and Adelaide in the early 1990s and by 1995 the subscription schedule included concerts in Adelaide and Perth on a regular basis. Hobart had an occasional visit from the orchestra in the 80’s, but nothing on a regular basis until the 90’s. Regrettably the subscription schedule in Tasmania could not be extended beyond the end of the 90’s. Read a list of all the Australian towns in which the ACO has performed. 

In most years, the orchestra included some special performances for other promoters and there was a considerable increase in public concert appearances from the early years noted above, through the 90’s, reaching a peak of 128 concerts in ’94. Since that year the orchestra has maintained an average of some 100 concerts each year in Australia.

The orchestra’s increasing status as an internationally recognized group has resulted in a corresponding increase in its overseas touring activities. In the last 18 years overseas tours have taken place every year, though none have been as extensive as the ones in 1988 where there were 39 concerts taking ‘Australia to the World’ as a promotion of Australia’s Bi-Centenary. Read the list of cities in which the ACO has performed internationally.


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