Guido Belgiorno-Nettis AM (Chairman)
Liz Lewin (Deputy Chair)
Bill Best
John Borghetti AO
Judy Crawford
John Kench
Anthony Lee
Martyn Myer AO
James Ostroburski
Heather Ridout AO
Carol Schwartz AM
Julie Steiner
John Taberner
Nina Walton
Simon Yeo


Email addresses are firstname.lastname(at)
Phone 02 8274 3800

Executive Office

Richard Evans
Managing Director
All contacts c/o Katie Henebery

Alexandra Cameron-Fraser
Chief Operating Officer

Katie Henebery
Executive Assistant to Mr Evans & Mr Tognetti and H.R. Officer
(All communication for Mr Evans & Mr Tognetti should be sent to Katie Henebery)


Artistic & Operations

Richard Tognetti AO
Artistic Director & Lead Violin
All contacts c/o Katie Henebery

Luke Shaw
Director of Artistic Operations

Anna Melville
Artistic Administrator

Lisa Mullineux
Tour Manager

Ross Chapman
Touring and Production Coordinator

Nina Kang
Travel Coordinator

Joseph Nizeti
Multimedia, Music Technology and Artistic Assistant

Bernard Rofe

Cyrus Meurant
Assistant Librarian



Phillippa Martin
ACO Collective & ACO Virtual Manager

Vicki Norton
Education Manager

Caitlin Gilmour
Education Coordinator



Anna McPherson
Director of Development

Jill Colvin
Director of Philanthropy 

Lillian Armitage
Capital Campaign Manager

Tom Carrig
Corporate Partnerships Manager

Sally Crawford
Patrons Manager

Yeehwan Yeoh 
ACO Instrument Fund Investor Relations Manager 

Camille Comtat
Corporate Partnerships Executive

Belinda Partyga

Max Stead
Development Executive

Kay-Yin Teoh
Corporate Partnership Administrator



Fiona McLeod
Chief Financial Officer

Yvonne Morton
Financial Accountant / Analyst

Dinuja Kalpani
Transactional Accountant

Samathri Gamaethige
Business Analyst



Antonia Farrugia
Director of Marketing

Rory O'Maley
Digital Marketing Manager

Caitlin Benetatos
Communications Manager

Cristina Maldonado
CRM and Marketing Executive

Shane Choi
Marketing Coordinator

Hilary Shrubb
Publications Editor

​Dean Watson
Customer Relations & Access Manager

Colin Taylor
Ticketing, Sales & Operations Manager

Gene Smith
Ticketing Officer

Christina Holland
Office Administrator

Robin Hall
Archival Administrator