ACO Emerging Artist Program

"It's only half-time, and I'm already picking my jaw off the floor at the ACO Collective Gig. Programming that puts a spring in the synapses and the playing hasn't just knocked my socks off, it's shredded them to pieces!" - The Age

Our Emerging Artist Program connects young, professional musicians at the outset of their careers with the ACO through one-to-one mentorship and side-by-side performance opportunities.

This successful program has seen Emerging Artist alumni go on to perform with ACO on the mainstage and seven alumni have been appointed members of the Orchestra, most recently Stefanie Farrands to the position of Principal Viola.


Josephine Chung, 23 – Violin

“I am a long-time fan of the ACO and have loved, and learned a lot, participating in the ACO's educational programs in the past, including ACO Academy and the ACO’s collaborations with ANAM. I am looking forward to observing everything about the Orchestra's rehearsal process, and of course the chamber music.”

Anna Da Silva Chen, 25 – Violin

“I am equally most looking forward to performing with ACO Collective on tour and being mentored by a member of the ACO. I love performing with new people and get to visit Western Australia for the first time too!

It has been a long time since my last one-on-one lesson, so it will be wonderful having someone who will guide and challenge me throughout 2022. I am so excited to take on their valuable ideas and execute them to the best of my ability.”

Emily Su, 19 – Violin

“I am most looking forward to performing with ACO Collective and the rehearsals leading up to these concerts. And of course, touring with many of my friends who are also Emerging Artists and the lovely ACO musicians who will be joining us. I also look forward to representing and promoting the education side of the ACO.”

Ruby Shirres, 22 – Viola

“I'm excited about being an ACO Emerging Artist for many different reasons, especially learning up close from individuals in the ACO, exploring lots of different chamber repertoire and getting to know my fellow Emerging Artists.”

Charlotte Miles, 19 – Cello

“I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the vitality of the ACO and making music with wonderful Emerging Artist colleagues as we strive to reach new levels of listening and music-making, whether on tour or in rehearsals.”

 Applications for our 2023 Emerging Artist Program are now closed.

  Notification of Round 2 live auditions will be made mid June. Please check back in early 2023 for audition information for the 2024 Emerging Artist Program. 


Support the Emerging Artist Program

This program is made possible through the generous support of The Ross Trust.

You can directly support the next generation of talented string players in the Emerging Artist program by making a tax-deductible donation. Click here to support the next generation of Australian musicians. 

emerging artist program alumni


Josephine Chung - Violin
Anna Da Silva Chen - Violin 
Emily Su - Violin
Ruby Shirres - Viola
Charlotte Miles - Cello


Amanda Chen – Violin
Phoebe Gardner – Violin
Leanne McGowan – Violin
Tim Yu – Violin
Dana Lee – Viola
Daniel Smith – Cello
Rohan Dasika – Double Bass


William Huxtable - Violin
Gemma Lee - Violin
Mana Ohashi - Violin
Harry Ward - Violin
Molly Collier-O'Boyle - Viola
Mariette Reefman - Viola
James Morley - Cello
Jaan Pallandi - Double Bass


Lily Higson-Spence - Violin 
Mia Stanton - Violin 
Sonia Wilson - Violin 
Beth Condon - Viola
Henry Justo - Viola
Eliza Sdraulig - Cello
Jaan Pallandi - Double Bass


Natalia Harvey - Violin 
Matsuura- Miller - Violin 
Rollin Zhao - Violin 
Justin Julian - Viola
Jack Ward - Cello 
John Keene - Double Bass


Benjamin Adler - Violin 
Riley Skevington - Violin 
Nicholas Waters - Violin 
Nathan Greentree -Viola
Elizabeth Woolnough -Viola
Alexandra Partridge - Cello
Bonita Williams - Double Bass


Harry Bennetts - Violin 
Amy Brookman - Violin 
Madelaine Jevons - Violin 
Martin Alexander - Viola
Ruben Palma - Cello 
Aurora Henrich - Double Bass


Zoe Freisberg - Violin
Emily Sheppard - Violin 
Katie Yap - Viola
Rebecca Proietto - Cello
Hugh Kluger - Double Bass


Doretta Balkizas - Violin
 Johnson - Violin 
Benjamin Caddy - Viola
Adam Szabo - Cello
Joseph Bisits - Double Bass


Glenn Christensen - Violin
Liisa Pallandi - Violin
Thibaud Pavlovic-Hobba - Violin
William Clark - Viola
Anna Pokorny - Cello
Phoebe Russell - Double Bass


Daniel Kowalik - Violin
Lachlan O'Donnell - Violin
Anna O'Hagan - Cello
Thomas Chawner - Viola
Tim Byrne - Double Bass


Michael Brooks-Reid - Violin 
Monique Lapins - Violin 
Christopher Cartlidge - Viola
Eleanor Betts - Cello
Muhamed Mehmedbasic - Double Bass


Janet Anderson - Violin 
Holly Piccoli - Violin
Peter Clark - Violin
Neil Thompson - Viola
haron Draper - Cello
Ben Farrands - Double Bass


Madeleine Boud - Violin
Rebecca Chan - Violin
Cameron Hill - Violin
Stefanie Farrands - Viola
Michael Dahlenburg - Cello
Douglas Rutherford - Double Bass


Emily Dellit - Violin
Rachel Homburg - Violin
Emily Dupere (Thompson) - Violin
Charlotte Burbrook de Vere - Viola
Paul Zabrowarny - Cello
Paul O'Brien - Bass


Jennen Ngiau-Keng - Violin
Marianne Broadfoot - Violin
Victoria Jacono - Violin
Katherine Corecig (Potter) - Viola
Eve Silver - Cello
Peter McLean - Bass


Elizabeth Gormley - Violin
Christina Katsimbardis - Violin
Merewyn Bramble - Viola
Louise McKay - Cello
Charlotte Roberts - Cello