Painter Julius Schmid's Beethoven on a Walk

21 February 2024 Tours Music

A Skyful of Beethovens

Beethoven is perhaps best known for his “heroic” style, which reflects the wars of his time, but his work has many modes from improvisatory explorations to Romantic introspection. Nicholas Mathew explores the role of the piano in these works. 
Kristian Bezuidenhout

21 February 2024 Musicians Tours

Kristian Bezuidenhout Interview

Kristian Bezuidenhout – who returns to the Australian Chamber Orchestra to guest direct the ensemble for the first time – says he can find an expressiveness and richness in early pianos that he can’t find on contemporary instruments.
Gustav Klimt and Beethoven

20 February 2024 Music

Gustav Klimt and Beethoven

Discover the monumental Gustav Klimt mural painted in honour of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven.
Films featuring Beethoven

19 February 2024 Music

Nine iconic uses of Beethoven’s music in film

From unforgettable scenes in Die Hard, to soul-searching moments in Dead Poets Society, here are some of the most striking times Beethoven’s enduring music has been heard through the silver screen.
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12 January 2024 Performances Tours

River: One Living Organism

Director Jennifer Peedom explores the extraordinary collaboration between filmmakers and musicians that led to the making of River.
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01 January 2024 News

Rivers of Paradise

Environmental writer Huw Kingston explores why humanity needs to fight to keep our rivers alive.
DC6117_4799_W Barton_foto Keith Saunders copy

01 January 2024 News

Deep Waters

Indigenous writer Tristen Harwood yarns with composer and leading didgeridoo player William Barton about the profound meanings of rivers.