The American New York Skyline

20 October 2022 Music Performances Tours

American Dreams

In the American national psychodrama, composers from classical music traditions have always been the outsiders. Written by Alex Ross.

17 October 2022 Music Musicians Performances Tours

Samuel Adams Interview

On working with uncertainty. Contemporary composer Samuel Adams shares his desire to give audiences a little clarity in the midst of the world’s mess in conversation with Australian author Kate Holden.

05 October 2022 Music Musicians Performances

Stefanie Farrands on her ACO Up Close program

ACO Principal Viola lets us in on her upcoming recital program, which features a beautiful new piece inspired Thomas Tallis and a precious Romantic work by an underrated viola virtuoso.
How to Catch a Star Staging 2

20 September 2022 Performances Music

How to stage a children’s show

We share the secrets and wonders that come with with turning Oliver Jeffers’ beloved children’s book, How to Catch a Star into a magical new ACO Family Show.
ACO Collective Tour HERO

15 September 2022 Tours

ACO Collective on tour in WA

ACO Principal Violin Helena Rathbone and ACO Violin Aiko Goto share dispatches from life on tour with ACO Collective.
Olli Hero

08 September 2022 Music Musicians Performances Tours

Performing with Olli Mustonen

ACO Principal Violin Satu Vänskä and ACO Principal Cello Timo-Veikko ‘Tipi’ Valve share joyful memories from years of performing with fellow Finnish musician, Olli Mustonen.
Olli Mustonen

31 August 2022 Music Musicians Performances

Olli Mustonen: for the love of music

At 55, Finnish pianist and composer Olli Mustonen remains as passionate about musicmaking as when he first discovered its pleasures, writes Paola Totaro.
Event Hero - Olli Mustonen in Recital

26 August 2022 Music Musicians Performances Tours

Olli Mustonen on Schubert's Trout

Schubert’s Trout is an endless source of energy and joy.” We catch up with the Finnish composer and pianist ahead of our next National Concert Tour.