Composer Gabriela Lena Frank

27 January 2022 Music Performances Tours

The music of Gabriela Lena Frank

Writer Kate Holden explores how American composer Frank expresses her commitment to “a safer and more humane existence” through her music.
Piazzolla: Tango Revolutionary

18 January 2022 Music Performances Tours

Piazzolla: Tango Revolutionary

Writer Mahmood Fazal explores how Piazzolla took tango from the bordello to the concert hall, combining its spirit and energy with classical music and jazz.

24 August 2021 News

ACO BNP Paribas Pathway Scholarship

The Australian Chamber Orchestra and BNP Paribas are delighted to announce the two recipients of the inaugural ACO BNP Paribas Pathway Scholarship: 12-year-old Ethan Schempp and 16-year-old Aurora Beale.
Peter Slattery Media

02 August 2021 News

Interview with Peter Slattery

We recently caught up with Peter Slattery from our partnering law firm Johnson Winter & Slattery to discuss music, law and lifelong learning.