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The support of our patrons has seen us emerge from what we hope was the worst of the pandemic, but ongoing uncertainty means 2021 remains a significant challenge for the ACO. 

The support of our patrons has seen us through what we hope was the worst of the pandemic in Australia, but 2021 remains a major challenge. Now is a time for renewal and transformation, and the support of our community is still vital.

Please consider making a donation to the ACO’s Renewal Fund, to help us keep doing what we do best – making thrilling music for you to enjoy, whether it is live in concert or through our ACO StudioCasts and free ACO HomeCasts which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

'I do look forward to those moments at a gig when the magic happens and they are on fire. Totally nourishment for my soul! Whatever little I can do to help the gang keep going though these tough times I am willing to.'
Sonia, ACO Supporter

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