Dvorak's Serenade

ACO Relaxed Performance: Dvořák's Serenade

Give yourself over to this spirited journey featuring the sublime music of Dvořák and Bartók in this Relaxed Performance.


Sharing music with new audiences lies at the heart of everything we do. Presented with flexible seating, adjusted lighting and sound levels, and a quiet space to chill out, ACO Relaxed Performances welcome people on the autism spectrum, people with sensory sensitivities, people with disability and access needs, and parents and carers with babies in an informal, daytime experience.

This performance is tailored to those for whom the traditional concert hall experience may be inaccessible, or who may not have seen our orchestra perform live before - we want to bring the music to you. Come along, respond to the music, make noise, be yourself and have fun!

This performance will feature a 50-minute selection of music from our Dvořák's Serenade program.

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Bohemianism is both an idea and an ideal. It stands for unconventionality and the artistic life. At the same time, it’s nostalgic for the smell of the earth. It craves something real and true.

Who better than the ACO to lead you on this journey?

Bartók’s passion for the folk music of his native Hungary is visceral. The themes and rhythms from the rural past infuse his Fifth String Quartet with sinew and bite in a new arrangement for string orchestra. Dvořák’s sublime Serenade, one of the most loved pieces of music for string orchestra, summons the feeling of warm sun on your back and the wistful remembrance of other times and places.

Bartók and Dvořák are in fine company with the Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer Caroline Shaw. Like Dvořák, a love of dance permeates her music, with the dizzying range of her many artistic collaborations animating every bar.