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ACO Music & Art: Lesson One

In this lesson you will be introduced to some of the basic elements of sound, including long / short, loud / soft, high / low and learn a simple way to represent sound on paper.

Length of activity

  • 15 minute video lesson + extra time for art activity

You will need

  • A few sheets of blank paper
  • Pencil
  • Screen or device, with access to the video below or click here to launch the video on YouTube
  • Art materials – blank paper, coloured pencils, pens or textas

Video lesson

Get yourself ready with some paper and a pencil in front of your device, ready to watch the video. Play the video and undertake the listening and drawing activities as instructed. You can always pause and replay each activity if you want to hear it again.

Art activity

At the end of the video you will have created a ‘graphic notation’ of the music that Sharon played. A graphic notation is simply a written down version of the sounds, using lines and symbols. Your task is to turn this graphic notation into a beautiful artwork.

Take your pencil drawing and add different colours or different types of line thickness using coloured pencils, textas, crayons, paint or whatever art supplied you have. When you are finished you could create a frame out of a piece of cardboard to put around your artwork.

Visit this web page to see some examples of other graphic notations that are very colourful.

Click here to share pictures of your artwork with us.

Additional information

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