ACO Musicians' Christmas family photos

ACO Musicians have been sharing their favourite festive flashback photos

The holiday season is upon us, and our Musicians are feeling as nostalgic for festive times past as we are. We asked them to dig out some old family photos from the holiday season, and the responses did not disappoint...

ACO Principal Viola Stef is all smiles as a Christmas angel

Stefanie Farrands festive flashback


Satu's dreaming of a white Christmas...

"I’ll be spending Christmas in Japan so it’s appropriate to share a shot from my childhood around Christmas in Otsu, Shiga. Unlike in the northern parts of Japan it only snows occasionally in my childhood-hometown." - ACO Principal Violin, Satu Vänskä

Satu Snow Throwback


ACO Violin Ilya and his family celebrating New Year 

Ilya New Year Flashback family photo

Ilya New Year Flashback family photo


ACO Cello Melissa stays cosy in the snow

Christmas Flashbacks Melissa Barnard cello

And a few years later...

"Here is a pic from when I took my daughter to the Australian Ballet’s Nutcracker a few years ago in 2019. What with Covid, it feels like the last time I got dressed up and went out properly!"

ACO Christmas Melissa Nutcracker 2019 pre-covid


Dear Santa composer Jessica Wells remembers musical Christmas presents

"When I was little I got my first keyboard from Santa, the age of four I think, and loved playing on it with my brother," Jess says.

"When I was eight I wanted a Walkman and got one - with the cassette tape of Ghostbusters soundtrack which I played on repeat and really made me love Elmer Bernstein’s orchestral score with a solo cello and an Ondes Martenot!"

Jessica Wells Flashback 1



Director Tim McGarry reminisces about  favourite childhood presents...

"My favourite present from Santa was this plastic lawn mower - because I always wanted to mow the lawn like my dad - and I still love mowing the lawn all these years later! I don't dare say what year this was taken..." - Tim McGarry, director of our ACO Families Christmas show, Dear Santa.

Tim McGarry Flashback photo

Dear Santa plays from 17 to 22 December at ACO Pier 2/3 in Sydney's Walsh Bay Arts Precinct. Click here to book tickets now.