Olli Mustonen at the piano

How Theme & Variations piano services support the ACO

Another year working with Theme & Variations Piano Services.

Here at the ACO, we're so grateful for the positive impact our Corporate Partners have on all we do. This includes Theme & Variations, Sydney’s premier piano store, who have sponsored the ACO for over 20 years.

Theme & Variations’ piano technicians work tirelessly in the background making sure our pianos resonate the richest harmonies and clearest tones. And in March, we were lucky to have the Theme & Variations team helping with the challenging task of relocating our Steinway to our new home at Pier 2/3.

Visit www.themeandvariations.com.au


Piano 1

Piano 2

Pianist Olli Mustonen performing with the ACO

Piano on stage with the ACO and James Crabb