Musician Favourite Seasons v2

ACO Musicians' favourite seasons

Our Musicians reminisce about past times spent in their favourite seasons, ahead of our national tour of The Four Seasons.

Stefanie Farrands, ACO Principal Viola

Summer in Australia

“No matter where I travel in the world, I can’t help but feel a nostalgic sense of love and happiness towards the Australian summers. The crystal blue waters, the sun kissing your cheeks and the sunsets after a long day make me feel so happy.”

Stef Farrands


Aiko Goto, ACO Violin

Spring & Autumn in Japan

“During spring in Japan, the City’s streets are lined with brightly coloured cherry blossom trees, and the mild spring air mixed with the fragrance of cherry blossoms makes a delightful springtime. The Japanese school and company year starts at the beginning of April. I always have fond memories of the school entrance ceremony when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and I entered the school gate with a new feeling of excitement mixed with nervousness. And even now, when I see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, wherever I am in the world I feel new and fresh.”

“Autumn in Japan is also a beautiful time of year, as the rice seedlings in the rice farm begin to turn golden at the beginning of autumn, and autumn deepens day by day. The mountains and forests of the countryside, rich in nature, become colourful, and there are too many autumn leaf colours to describe in words.”

Soring cherry blossom

Aiko Goto in Spring


Helena Rathbone, ACO Principal Violin

Summer in England

“I love June in England. It is early summer but because of the solstice, there are those wonderful light mornings and long evenings. Summer is so much more gentle in England and the smells and sounds are so evocative. I have wonderful early childhood memories of being in our garden all day in the summer, eating strawberries and raspberries, making tents to play in, getting the paddling pool out (if it was hot enough!) and sleeping with the windows open with just a sheet and in the warm breeze. It is the time for my favourite flowers too. Here are some pics from my parents’ garden over the years.”





Ike See, ACO Violin

Autumn in Philadelphia, USA

“Some of my best memories are from my years as a student at the Curtis Institute of Music, and autumn (or fall as they call it over there) in Philadelphia meant reuniting with friends after the holidays and plenty of time spent in Rittenhouse Square catching up over coffee or a game of frisbee. The earthy colours, the smell and crunch of leaves underfoot, falling temperatures, the sounds of the old building coming alive… can’t beat it!”



Satu Vänskä, ACO Principal Violin

Winter in Japan

“I grew up in Japan, and have fond memories of winter there. Richard and I still ski there often.

Winter in Japan

Richard Tognetti skiing in Niseko


Maxime Bibeau, ACO Principal Bass

Winter in Canada

“Growing up in Canada there was always such an excitement about the change of season. The air, the smells, the activities we did we’re always so different let alone the extreme temperatures we encountered. I had no favorite season in particular, but since moving to Australia I really do relish the times we had at our cabin during the Winters.”

Winter in Canada

Max Winter in Japan

Winter cabin in Canada

The Four Seasons tours to Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Wollongong, 11 – 27 March. Limited tickets are still available: click here to check availability in your nearest city.