Get to Know Ike See, ACO Violin

Ike shares his top-played Spotify artists, a great dining spot, and the story behind the violin he plays.

The instrument I play is...

...definitely the baby among the instruments of the ACO! It was made for me by the luthier Sam Zygmuntowicz in 2021, so I’ve been the sole custodian in its short history.

I first visited Sam at his studio in Brooklyn when the ACO was on an American tour in 2015, and after trying out a few of his instruments I put my name on his list.

Fast-forward six years the violin was finally completed, but being in the thick of a pandemic I couldn’t pick it up in person so it was sent to me in a large cardboard box (see photo, dog for scale). It’s a strong instrument with a brilliant and gorgeous sound, and I count myself so fortunate to play it every day.

Ike Violin Delivery


What would you recommend to watch, eat or listen to at the moment?

I’m a huge tennis fan so when the TV has been on in the past few weeks when I've had downtime, it’s been the French Open (with more tennis to come!).

As for food, my wife and I visited the recently refurbished Rover in Surry Hills for our anniversary. The standout dishes of the delicious meal were the market fish and the eel pâté on crumpets.


The most streamed content in our house...

...revolves around our two little girls, so our airwaves have been dominated by good old Play School favourites and Don Spencer’s Feathers, Fur or Fins.

But for the grownups we recently watched the series The Gentlemen and have been slightly obsessed with the soundtrack since. We play quite a lot of Hiatus Kaiyote too.

Watch Ike perform Kodály's Duo for Violin and Cello with ACO Cello Julian Thompson