ACO Artistic Director Richard Tognetti performing

DIVE IN: Indies & Idols

Posted on 24 Aug 2018 by Bernard Rofe

SUFJAN STEVENS (arr. Michael Atkinson) Suite from Run Rabbit Run

Sufjan Stevens’ 2001 album Enjoy Your Rabbit has become the source of inspiration for numerous arrangements and collaborations. Stevens describes Michael Atkinson’s four-movement suite, written for the New York City Ballet, as “to my ears, more alive, more capable, more full realised than their original recordings. I was constructing Frankenstein’s monster … what is revealed is a full-grown man … It’s alive!”

JONNY GREENWOOD Suite from There Will Be Blood

Known as the lead guitarist of the iconic band Radiohead, Jonny Greenwood is now a leading composer of film music, notably for the films of Paul Thomas Anderson. His soundtrack for the 2007 film There will be Blood, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, has lived on in this suite for string orchestra.

SZYMANOWSKI (arr. Richard Tognetti) String Quartet No.2

Szymanowski’s second string quartet of 1927 fuses together classical forms and folk music influences, all within his shimmering sound world. It is one of the great quartets of the 20th century, and a favourite of Richard Tognetti’s, such that he has arranged it for the lush forces of a string orchestra.