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Connect devices via HDMI

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The instructions below allow you to connect a device (e.g, laptop) to your television via HDMI. 

You will need

  1. An HDMI cable
  2. If required (for some Apple and Android devices) - adaptors to connect a HDMI cable to your device. Click here for 

Click here for Android instructions

Click here for Apple/IOS instructions.


Step 1

Power on your device and television. Plug your HDMI cable into both your device (e.g., laptop) and into a HDMI port of your television.




Step 2

Select INPUT or SOURCE on your television remote. Choose the HDMI input that matches the one you've plugged your HDMI cable into. All televisions are different, but the menu should resemble something like the below:


Your device screen should now be mirrored on your television. If it is not, please click here for further instructions and troubleshooting.