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ACO 2023: Relaxed Performances

A guide to the ACO Relaxed performances happening in 2023.



Sharing music with new audiences lies at the heart of everything we do. Presented with flexible seating, adjusted lighting and sound levels, and a quiet space to chill out, ACO Relaxed Performances welcome people on the autism spectrum, people with sensory sensitivities, people with disability and access needs, and parents and carers with babies in an informal, daytime experience.

ACO Relaxed performances are tailored to those for whom the traditional concert hall experience may be inaccessible, or who may not have seen our orchestra perform live before - we want to bring the music to you. Come along, respond to the music, make noise, be yourself and have fun!

In 2023, performance will feature a 50-minute selection of music from highlights in our national concert tour and other programs.

Ilya Gringolts Plays Bruch Australian Chamber Orchestra

Thursday 9 February, 1pm

Relaxed Performance: Ilya Gringolts plays Bruch

Our Relaxed Performance featuring virtuoso violinist Ilya Gringolts performing one of the most beloved Romantic violin concertos.
ACO Collective at ACO Pier 2/3

Wednesday 7 June, 1pm

Relaxed Performance: The Italian Baroque

Erin Helyard joins ACO Collective to explore the theatricality and passion of neglected masterpieces by some of the greatest and most influential composers of the Italian Baroque.
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

Friday 14 July, 11.30am

Relaxed Performance: Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

See the beloved book by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas brought to life in this heartfelt stage adaptation featuring live music. Winner, Sydney Theatre Awards 2021.
Dvorak's Serenade

Thursday 17 August, 1pm

Relaxed Performance: Dvořák's Serenade

Give yourself over to this spirited journey featuring the sublime and visceral music of Dvořák and Bartók.
The Princess, the Pea (and the Brave Escapee)

Friday 6 October, 11.30am

Relaxed Performance: The Princess, The Pea (and The Brave Escapee)

There is the fairytale you know and love… but what isn’t known, what no book has ever recorded, is why exactly the princess was out in the middle of a storm, in the middle of a night, at the end of an adventure. This story is that story.

Chopin & the Mendelssohns

Thursday 16 November, 1pm

Relaxed Performance: Chopin & the Mendelssohns

Pianist Polina Leschenko joins the ACO for a program full of brilliant music-making, deep emotions and profound connections.
The Nutcracker

Tuesday 19 December, 11:30am

Relaxed Performance: The Nutcracker

Our Relaxed Performance of Clara and her Nutcracker's magical journey, in a stunning adaptation featuring live classical music and ballet. Created in collaboration with David McAllister.
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