Omega Ensemble: Continuo

The Omega Ensemble presents a historically (un-)informed performance, featuring exuberant works by Penderecki, Gorecki and a world premiere from Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw.

Spanning soul-bearing improvisations and exuberant dances, the Baroque period represented an earth-quaking eruption of ideas and musical expression the aftershocks of which continue to be felt today. This essence has inspired the work of composers since, who have blazed their own trails in true Baroque style with rococo flair and theatricality.

Baroque goes ballistic in this historically (un-)informed performance, featuring dazzling contemporary masterworks that defy expectations and break the moulds of their predecessors.

Multi-Grammy Award winner and the youngest recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for music, Caroline Shaw’s inventive music represents the confluence of music past and present, with collaborations spanning the worlds leading musicians and most forward-thinking classical groups. A world premiere from Shaw, commissioned by Omega Ensemble, is presented alongside Henryk Gorecki’s explosive Concerto for Harpsichord and Penderecki’s darkly rich Sinfonietta No. 2.


Krzysztof Penderecki Sinfonietta No. 2
Caroline Shaw New Commission [World Premiere]
(After) C.P.E. Bach Interlude
Henryk Gorecki Concerto for Harpsichord

David Rowden, Clarinet
Peter Clark, Violin
Neil Thompson, Viola
Paul Stender, Cello
Vatche Jambazian, Piano