Omega Ensemble: Lionheart

Omega Ensemble presents Shostakovich's profound Piano Quintet in a program celebrating courage and colour from three musical mavericks. The otherss are John Adams and Australian trailblazer Holly Harrison.


Shostakovich's profound Piano Quintet represents a period of writing where the young composer, who was then 34, was his most purely musical. The resulting work is an unusual yet unapologetic neo-classical piece that has since become the jewel in the crown of the 20th-century chamber music repertory.

Showcasing the sincerity of three musical mavericks, Shostakovich’s monumental Piano Quintet is presented alongside John Adam’s rambunctious String Quartet No.1 and a world premiere by Australia’s own trailblazer Holly Harrison, commissioned by the Ensemble.


John Adams String Quartet No. 1
Holly Harrison New Commission [World Premiere]
Dimitri Shostakovich Piano Quintet

David Rowden, Clarinet
Peter Clark, Violin
Neil Thompson, Viola
Paul Stender, Cello
Vatche Jambazian, Piano