Synergy Percussion

Synergy Percussion: Hiérophonie

Humanity’s need for myth-making and our propensity to divide human activity into the 'sacred and profane’. World premieres by Australian composers Melody Eötvös and Paul Stanhope.


Percussion: Wood - Metal - Skin.

Paul Stanhope... RAQAD II… Australian composer… World Premiere… Marimbas… WOOD!

Melody Eötvös HELLSCAPE… Australian composer… Percussion Australia Commission… World Premiere… Vibes, Sixxen, Rin, Triangles… METAL!

Ian’s Xenakis OKHO… Greek/French composer… Drums, Drums, Drums… SKIN!

Yoshihisa Taïra HIÉROPHONIE… Japanese-French composer… Drums, Triangles, Blocks, Cymbals etc etc… ALL IN!

Percussion: Rhythm - Sound - Energy… SYNERGY!

HELLSCAPE is a World Premiere and Percussion Australia's commission of a new quartet by internationally renowned Melbourne-based composer Melody Eötvös lies at the centre of Synergy Percussion’s HIÉROPHONIE. With the title taken from Japanese-French composer Yoshihisa Taïra’s 1974 percussion sextet, the program explores humanity’s need for myth-making and our propensity to divide human activity into the 'sacred and profane'. But as religious historian Mircea Eliade observes, “myths describe the breakthroughs of the sacred into the World” – otherwise known as “hierophanies". The dramatic ritualistic mysticism of Taïra’s work – the sacred – contrasts with Australian composer Paul Stanhope’s joyful Raqad and 20th Century master Iannis Xenakis’ powerful Okho – the profane.

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