SYO Chamber

Sydney Youth Orchestra: SYO Chamber

Sydney Youth Orchestra presents SYO Chamber, guided by SYO alumni Liisa Pallandi and Jaan Pallandi.


In this collaborative performance, the SYO Chamber ensemble — guided by two esteemed and accomplished SYO alumni, Liisa Pallandi (ACO) and Jaan Pallandi (SSO) — will explore a diverse selection of works spanning centuries and styles, showcasing the artistry, personality and creativity of composers from different eras.

The program takes listeners on a journey through evocative battle scenes, introspective reflections, enchanting harp melodies, and the profound emotional depth and intensity of Shostakovich.

Join us in the stunning new space at ACO Pier 2/3, The Neilson, and enjoy this incredibly diverse and vibrant program by SYO Chamber with Liisa and Jaan.


Heinrich Biber Battalia à 10 (1673) - 11'
Melody Eötvös Meraki (2020) - 7'
Claude Debussy Danse sacrée et danse profane (1904) - 10'
Dimitri Shostakovich (arr. Barshai) Chamber Symphony op.110a (1960) - 35'