Josh Meader

Sydney Festival: Josh Meader Trio

Sydney Festival presents the Josh Meader Trio, Sydney’s own genre-crossing instrumental powerhouse.


“JMT evokes a feeling of limitless horizons, creating cascading waves of melody and rhythm, thrilling and transportive” - SIMA

Formed in Sydney, the Josh Meader Trio is a genre-crossing instrumental powerhouse that’s best experienced live.

Amsterdam-born, Sydney-raised guitar virtuoso Josh Meader holds centre stage, skilfully backed by National Jazz Award winners Alex Hirlian on drums and Matt Thomson on keys. While rooted in modern jazz, their always locked-in performances also nod to pop, funk, hip-hop, bebop and rock.

Having studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Meader has since built a passionate following on Instagram, where he shares videos of his technically dazzling guitar ‘transcriptions’ for over 100,000 followers.

So far this year, the Josh Meader Trio has played the esteemed jazzahead! festival in Bremen, Germany, and a sold-out show in Paris. This homecoming is a rare chance to experience three young musicians in peak form.


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