Australian Chamber Orchestra tour of USA & Canada

Follow the Orchestra as it tours to cities in the USA and Canada to perform special concerts and outreach programs.
Richard Tognetti and the Orchestra are back on tour internationally - this time in the USA and Canada. From 15 to 22 April, we perform concerts and run outreach events in cities that include San Francisco, New York, and Toronto.

Joined by didgeridoo virtuoso and composer William Barton, US and Canadian audiences join us at venues that include Stanford University's Bing Hall, Toronto's Jane Mallett Theatre and George Weston Recital Hall, and New York's famous Café Carlyle.

In Pictures: ACO on tour in USA & Canada



San Francisco has made us feel at home - literally - from day one, delivering us to its own answer to "Pier 23"! 

Pier 23 in San Francisco


ACO Violin Liisa Pallandi sight-seeing in the company of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Liisa Golden Gate Bridge


The Orchestra is reunited with composer Samuel Adams, who wrote Echo Transcriptions, a concerto for electronic violin and strings which Richard Tognetti premiered in The American in 2022.

Group Shot Stanford


Sam Adams, represent! ✌

Ilya Samuel Adams Tshirt


ACO Viola Stef Farrands and ACO Violin Liisa Pallandi enjoy a meal in San Francisco.

Stef Liisa San Fran Dinner


ACO Principal Violin, Helena Rathbone, and ACO Violin Aiko Goto discover beautiful Wisterias at Stanford University. "Each Japanese family has its own genealogy and its own family crest, it's traditional. I was very impressed to see the beautiful wisterias at Stanford today," Aiko says.

Aiko and Hellie Blossom


Hello, Aiko and Helena!

Hellie Aiko Selfie


And Helena and Stef!

Helena Rathbone and Stef Farrands


The Orchestra formed a quartet and performed an ACO Up Close concert in Bing Studio at Stanford. An audience member sent us a lovely message saying, "My husband and I have been wanting to see you for the past few years and were finally able to do so. I left the concert emotionally wrung out... the choice of program, the virtuosity, the collective, incredible skill... simply amazing! When you return to the Bing (please) we will be there, and we'll be encouraging all our friends to attend."

ACO Up Close Stanford

ACO group selfie

We're so grateful to our US audiences so far, and look forward to continuing this wonderful tour. Up next - Toronto! 



We were thrilled to perform concerts and meet audiences and students at the Jane Mallett Theatre and the George Weston Recital Hall. Our musicians also enjoyed some down time exploring the beautiful city in Spring.


Ilya Toronto


Liz Ike Selfie

Helena Aiko Toronto Selfie


At the George Weston Recital Hall in Toronto, widely recognised as Canada's best recital hall and one of the top concert venues in the world.

ACO at George Weston Recital Hall


ACO Violin Liisa Pallandi enjoys some downtime with family in Canada, visiting stunning Banff National Park.

Liisa Banff National Park, Canada

Liisa in Banff National Park, Canada



Back in the USA...

Welcome to the USA


In New York, we performed at Café Carlyle and in poignant ANZAC Day performances. The musicians also enjoyed some downtime, taking in a NY Yankees VS Toronto Blue Jays baseball game. We were also lucky to stay at the beautiful new Wall Street Hotel, thanks to the generosity of the Paspaley family.

Ike Julian Carl

The ACO at Wall Street Hotel


ACO Violin Ilya Isakovich prepares for our ANZAC Day service.

Ilya Isakovich ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day performance, New York


During their downtime, members of the Orchestra take in a NY Yankees VS Toronto Blue Jays game! ⚾

Ike  New York Yankees


Performing with didgeridoo virtuoso William Barton at Café Carlyle.

ACO and William Barton at Cafe Carlyle


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