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Joseph Tawadros: About My Music

Oud virtuoso introduces us to his approach to music, and the program he and Richard Tognetti have collaborated on for The Four Seasons.

I have always found that the music of the Baroque shared many similarities with Arabic music: chordal progressions, its diatonic nature, its use of ornamentation and phrasing. This can be clearly seen in Vivaldi’s music, and this concept has formed the basis for these collaborative performances of The Four Seasons alongside my own music with the ACO.

The pieces I’ve written come from a turbulent period in my life. 2012 saw the passing of my beautiful mother, Rose. Then in 2013, my father Nabil also passed away. Both were wonderful characters and storytellers. It is not easy losing anyone, let alone two very inspiring and encouraging figures within the space of a year.

At times like this, my oud is my refuge, my comfort and true friend. And, although it is already a very big part of my everyday life, it is also a metaphysical outlet and healer, a link between my reality and my aspirations. Its charismatic sound reminds me of my parents: my father’s voice in the bass and my mother’s
in the treble.

The album from which many of the works on this program are taken is Permission to Evaporate. The music covers a range of diverse voices, compounding all that I’ve learnt in my decades on this planet and converting those experiences to sound – a compositional diary, if you will. I believe the strongest link in this collaboration is the energy, passion, and shared vision of this music. It’s not about placing it in any genre, culture or time, but how it moves us as humans and can be shared together regardless of our background.


The Four Seasons tours to Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Wollongong, 11 – 27 March. Click here to buy your tickets now.