Kandinsky Composition X

ACO Music & Art

Welcome to the ACO Music and Art Program – a series of innovative and creative online lessons focusing on the relationship between music and art.

The original school-based Music & Art Program was designed and authored by Sharon Roffman, a world-renowned violinist from America, and very special friend of the ACO. We have adapted and re-designed these activities for students to participate in at home.

The Music & Art Program comprises a series of 8 lessons, each containing:

  • A video lesson with worksheet for students to complete independently;
  • Some additional music listening or art appreciation activities; and
  • A practical art activity.

We have designed the activities to be completed over an 8 to10-week period but you could cover all activities in each lesson in one session, or spread the activities out throughout the week at your own pace. The Program is suitable for students in upper primary school but can easily be adapted for slightly younger or older students.

The end goal of the Program is that students will imagine and create their own musical composition. This is not as hard as it seems. Each lesson will lead students through a series of activities which will help them get to the end result. No musical experience or knowledge is necessary.

As an added bonus, students will be able to submit their musical ‘compositions’ to the ACO, with the chance to have an ACO musician interpret, perform and record their very own piece.

We would also love you to share your artworks throughout the Program with us and we will be posting highlights of student work on our website and social media platforms.

We hope you enjoy learning more about musical concepts and instruments, listening to some wonderful music, and making inspiring art!

Music and Art

Lesson One

In this lesson you will be introduced to some of the basic elements of sound, including long / short, loud / soft and high / low, and learn a simple way to represent sound on paper.
George Meets the Orchestra

Lesson Two

In this lesson you will learn more about the different instruments of the orchestra, particularly the instruments of the Australian Chamber Orchestra – the string family.

Lesson Three

In this lesson you will learn about how music and art can be used to create emotion and create your own artwork which expresses an emotion.

Lesson Four

In this lesson you will learn about inspiration, and how sounds from the environment inspire composers to write music.
Kandinsky Composition VIII

Lesson Five

In this lesson you will learn about abstract art, and how shapes are depicted in music and art.

Lesson Six

In this lesson you will learn about the choices composers have to make when they decide to write a piece.
Musical Key

Lesson Seven

In this lesson you will learn how composers write down their music, and how to create your own musical symbols.
Lesson 8

Lesson Eight

In this lesson, you will get to compose your own piece by creating a graphic score.