Tom Avgenicos Ghosts Between Streams

Tom Avgenicos: Ghosts Between Streams

Tom Avgenicos presents Ghosts Between Streams, an innovative multidisciplinary work blending music, visuals and dance to explore the struggle between nature and urbanisation.


Ghosts Between Streams is a new collaborative multidisciplinary work created by 2022 Freedman Fellow, composer, and trumpeter Tom Avgenicos. Inspired by Avgenicos’ daily walks through Stringybark Creek Reserve on Cammeraygal Country, Ghosts Between Streams explores the concept of solastalgia - the sadness felt at the loss or change of a beloved place in nature.

With an overarching environmental concern, Ghosts Between Streams explores the struggle between nature and urbanisation to create a vivid picture of the reserve's rich flora and fauna, now threatened by urban development. Weaving a tapestry of music, visual art, and dance, audiences are taken on a spellbinding journey brimming with emotional power and resonance.

Co-presented by the Sydney Improvised Music Association and supported by The Freedman Fellowship.



Tom Avgenicos, Creative Director & Composer
Monisha Chippada, Visual Creative Director
Zoe Dixon, Assistant Creative Director
Reina Takeuchi, Choreographer/Dancer
Gerard "Kid Tek" Cabellon, Choreographer/Dancer

Raya Tolentino, Set Design

Delay 45:
Tom Avgenicos – Trumpet & Electronics
Roshan Kumarage – Piano, Synth
Dave Quinn – Bass, Synth
Ashley Stoneham – Drums, Guitar

Apex String Quartet:
Ben Adler – Violin
Beatrice Colombis – Violin
Phoebe Gilbert  Viola

Reena Oh* – Cello
Noah Oshiro** – Cello

 * 29 June
** 30 June