How to Catch a Star

ACO Families: How To Catch A Star

Experience Oliver Jeffers’ magical children’s book brought to life on stage with live music performed by ACO musicians.


Once there was a boy and the boy loved stars very much.
Every night he watched the stars from his window and wished he had one of his own.
One day, he decided he would try to catch a star… but first he had to think of a plan…

Don’t miss our enchanting ACO Families show, How to Catch a Star, touring nationally before returning to Pier 2/3 this July school holidays.

Based on the internationally bestselling children’s book by acclaimed artist, author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers, this heartwarming production about reaching for dreams will take you on a journey from awe and wonder, through perseverance to triumph. In this stunning adaptation, Jeffers’ magical tale is brought to life on stage through storytelling and exquisite music performed by an ACO string quartet.

Following on from the ACO’s award-winning children’s shows, including There’s a Sea in My Bedroom, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, The Princess, The Pea (and the Brave Escapee) and The Nutcracker, this magical production is the perfect introduction to the world of classical music for audiences young and young at heart.

Looking for ACO Schools performances of How to Catch a Star? Click here to discover dedicated performances for school groups from 2 - 4 July.


Duration:  40 mins (including a post-show ‘meet the musicians’ session)
Age Recommendation: 3 - 8 years
Pre & Post Show: Children can enjoy free creative play activities, while parents enjoy the magnificent harbour views from our foyer spaces.
Ticket prices: $39 for children and adults (babes-in-arms free of charge on a parent’s lap)


Writer/Director Sandra Eldridge
Elena Kats-Chernin
Set & Costume Designer
Melanie Liertz
Lighting Designer
Matt Cox
Movement Director
Elle Evangelista
William Bartolo Actor

Music performed by an ACO Quartet

How to Catch a Star
How to Catch a Star
How to Catch a Star
How to Catch a Star
How to Catch a Star
How to Catch a Star

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