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ACO 2022 Sydney



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ACO 2022: Sydney Tour Dates
City Recital Hall

Piazzolla: Tue 1 Feb, 8pm | Wed 2 Feb, 7pm | Fri 11 Feb, 1.30pm | Sat 12 Feb, 7pm | Sun 13 Feb 2pm

Sketches of Spain: Tue 5 Apr, 8pm | Wed 6 Apr, 7pm | Fri 8 Apr, 1.30pm | Sat 9 Apr, 7pm | Sun 10 Apr, 2pm

Mozart & Britten: Sat 7 May, 7pm | Sun 8 May, 2pm | Tue 10 May, 8pm | Wed 11 May, 7pm

Bach: Sat 25 Jun, 7pm | Sun 26 Jun, 2pm | Tue 28 Jun, 8pm | Wed 29 Jun, 7pm

The Crowd & I: Tue 9 Aug, 8pm | Wed 10 Aug, 7pm | Fri 12 Aug, 1.30pm | Sat 13 Aug 7pm

Schubert's Trout: Tue 20 Sep, 8pm | Wed 21 Sep, 7pm | Sat 24 Sep 7pm

The American: Sat 12 Nov, 7pm | Tue 15 Nov, 8pm | Wed 16 Nov, 7pm 


Sydney Opera House

The Crowd & I: Sun 14 Aug 2pm

Schubert's Trout: Sun 25 Sep 2pm 

The American: Sun 13 Nov 2pm 


Welcome to ACO 2022. A bold and intrepid National Season.

2022 is a transformative new era for the ACO. We return to you, our beloved audiences, right across Australia with a National Concert Season that knows no boundaries. We present our acclaimed immersive film series, ACO StudioCasts, where you’ll be completely swept away by Richard and the Orchestra. Last but not least, we invite you into our brand new home at Pier 2/3 in Sydney’s Walsh Bay Arts Precinct with an exciting program for all music lovers, in Sydney and beyond.

The ACO has always blazed its own trail. 2022 is no exception. Flights are booked, hotel rooms are reserved, freight cases are ready. We hope you’ll join us.

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